vendredi 31 octobre 2008

McCain 2: Anti-Heroes

Dayton, Ohio: October 31: The American super-hero, Batman of Gotham City (Giuliani) and The Terminator (Schwarzenegger) of California, join forces here in "undecided" Ohio to support the "war hero" John McCain. Listening to the shouted litany of cliches about "John McCain's proven leadership" and "real American fighter" one feels a very long way indeed from classical heroism, with its requirements of irreparable tragic loss, its stoic stern eloquence of humility and control and its dark almost nihilistic charisma which would have no traffic with sugary "stump" speeches. And watching these two rouse McCain's rally, Arnold with his warnings against the evils of European socialism and Rudy about the Satanic villians of the Middle East, one envisions the vacuous East Coast and West Coast loci once dominated by these two alleged "superheroes": Batman-Giuliani's New York City and muscular Arnold's Calee-forn-ya, Arnold's state mired in environmental nightmares, popular rage against immigration and a current bankruptcy, and Rudy's city well on its way in a dangerous recession, still stifled in 25 years of a real-estate squeeze that has left the city's core a homogenous blur commercial franchises and corporate condos-and-lofts. And yet the prevailing myths of these superheroes' "conquests," that they have "cleaned up" their respective "planets" and brought "law and order" ring hollow in this mostly landlocked manufacture-less mid-America of the Information Age, undecided Ohio which has long since recessed into weary yet angry resignation about the postmodern, postindustrial, post-heroic age of America.

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