lundi 20 octobre 2008

Mack the Fatalist of Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff, AZ:October 20. In the early hours of the morning we arrived in Flagstaff en route to New Mexico where I had a few moments to speak to one of the floor managers, Monsieur Mack Cousins, here at the Nestle Purina (dog and cat) Food plant, the largest in the nation.

Guy: How do you enjoy life in Arizona?

Cousins: Life anywhere is good, Guy. As long as you ain't pushin' up daisies, right?

Guy: This means to be dead?

Cousins: Pushing daisies, yeah. So, Guy you like Sarah Palin?

Guy: On the subject of American politics, I am mute. To speak of this would be like a Catholic bishop discoursing on Tahitian voodoo. Do you think American dogs and cats are as well fed as their masters?
Cousins: On the whole we do quite well. Purina is to American dogs as Corn Flakes is to American kids. What do French dogs eat, fois gras and creme brulee? [hearty laughter]

Guy: Will you be voting for your state's Senator, Monsieur McCain for President?

Cousins: Guy, last time I voted was for Ross Perot, that little screwball billionaire who ran for president back in 1992. Now, looking back I realize what a schlump I was voting for that nutter. So I figure, if I go an vote for McCain now, who knows, twelve, thirteen years from now I might regret it like I regret pushing the button for Perot.

Guy: This is called the fatalist's quandary.

Cousins: One question, Guy.

Guy: Yes?

Cousins: Perot. That name. No offense. But with a name like Perot, he was French, wasn't he?

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