dimanche 19 octobre 2008

Hoover Dam, Bush's Levees

Boulder City, Nevada: October 19 Stopping at the Hoover Dam en route to see a Palin rally in New Mexico, I took the time off the bus to walk these astonishing vistas, survey this hydroelectric marvel of concrete and engineeriing, this energy-producing behemoth of the Manifest Destiny set within plateaus, mesas, rocks of Black Valley Canyon, and, of course, its namesake, President Herbert Hoover, he of the Great Depression, he who calls to mind the tag "worst President in US history," now re-placed by George W. Bush who has his own problems with water: Persian Gulf uncertainties, Louisiana and Mississippi levees collapsing, all the Anglophone metaphors for financial conditions: foreclosed homes throughout the nation called "under water"; "liquidity" and "solvency" and cash "flow" problems in an economy that has "dried up" and is "on the brink" of a horrible "deluge" of economic woes: corporate "washouts," and bank "bailouts," an impending "flood" of bankruptcies, and a "dam burst" of unemployment rates at "rising levels" Americans haven't seen since, alas, the age of the dam-building Hoover.

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