mercredi 8 octobre 2008

McCain's Masturbation and White Trepidation About "That One"

Nashville, TN: October 8: To the audience here at Belmont University it was clear who is Presidential ("that one"/que l'un, Barack) and, in lieu of an exegesis of what was routine (habituel) speeches, it is worth noting both candidates are left handed which is to say they are, in the physiological sense, leftists (gauchistes).

One observes McCain's compulsive scribbling as an attempt to "glyph" or to graph/graft his Being onto its own Legal(ity) Pad, as if to summon a Presence of self that eludes him in the torrent of Obama's calm yet drowning eloquence. One might even say, qua Freud and Lacan, that McCain's lefty scribbling on his "pad" (bloc) as Obama spoke was a gesture of onanism, a retreat (se recroqueviller)into masturbation-as-self-inscription, defiling the law of attention to which the debate demands he be (orally and aurally) centered.

One is startled (one might say blanched) by certain commentators' post-debate hints (sous-entendre) that the polls which show Obama in a commanding lead might be flawed because Obama is black: here we (viewers of the election) find ourselves voyeuristically peeking (s'imaginer) behind the voting booth curtain to see if on November 4 2008, Joe Six Pack (who, in this theory, lies to pollsters by saying he will vote for Obama while secretly lusting toward whiteness) trepidatiously moves a phallic-finger (note here on the campaign "stump" the ubiquity of Obama's erect finger vs. McCain's more claw-like yet flaccid fingering: impotent gesticulations of McCain's shoulders re-placing a virile pointing) toward Obama only to pull back, and, in a spasm (frisson) of atavistic racial animus, commits suicide against his interests (health care, economic stability, peace) by pressing a voterly button that subjugates (s'évanouir) his reason in/to the white-haired, white transcendent (and indifferent) GOD/GOP/GO[O]D.

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