vendredi 24 octobre 2008

Obama 2: Kamehameha, or Motherless Hawaii

October 24: Honolulu, Hawaii.Dropped into this Asian island of America, 2563 miles from the United States mainland, one is struck by the role/s the relatively recently colonized and distant states Alaska and Hawaii have played in this presidential battle of 'all fifty states,' here, where Barack eulogizes his ailing grandmother even before her death, at the very moment pundits and media in the U.S. have begun to hail his ascension to the Presidency ahead of his November 4th election: now Barack is not the public and publicized figure who one day earlier stood before 35,000 cheering strong in America's literal Hoosier heartland but is rather a solitary, orphaned (from the mother-mainland) One, roaming his old neighborhood where he had been sent to live over three decades ago by a mother, Ann Dunham (pictured below at Barack's wedding) Ann Dunham who'd bid her son farewell in 1972 and had him flown from her care in Indonesia back to Hawaii where he was raised by his Kansan grandparents. Now the one who raised him, 86 year old Madelyn Dunham, lays dying and the specter of mortality hovers over the naissance of the O, calling to mind the unifying Hawaiian King Kamehameha (Hawaiian for "the lonely one"). But Obama's stoic grief will remain, like Obama, sealed ("without going into too much detail" Barack tells the press here), and he will return to the U.S. (Thebes) for what his supporters hope will be his impending election-coronation, a potential throne-taking shadowed by an Oedipal motion which drives him endlessly on and away from his ambiguous abandonment(s) here in Hawaii. Thus the O which propels Barack's messianic campaign is a fear of his own ruptured Origins: he is both the fatherless father (First Black President) and motherless son (Young Overachiever) about whom his American voters, as surrogate Parents, will declare themselves 'proud').

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