vendredi 17 octobre 2008

Biden 1: Dreaming of the Mission

Mesilla, New Mexico: October 16: Here Joe Biden arrived to contra-dict Palin's claim of patriotism as exclusively located (locus) in "small towns."I have never been to a state that hasn't sent its sons and daughters to serve its country," Biden told his auditors, couching national loyalty as willingness-to-war, a mission (itself calling to mind the genocidal "missions" of imperial Spain against the Mayans, Aztecs, Pueblos: Bush's mission accomplished; McCain's pledge to "complete the mission" in Iraq; Elton John's faux-rebellious lounge hit "Burn Down the Mission"), Biden off-to-war-mission-mirroring Palin's militaristic defintion of patriotism: the fiercely energized roared under the sharp stabs of Southwestern sun (cf the arrow of the sun of Pueblo Native myth) moved (em/bowed--up/ward) by Bidean battle-cry (mission) of/to change which, in its mimicry of Bush militarism, is a self-cancelling erasure shouted into this big sky flatland, to mesas and to the cacti.

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