vendredi 3 octobre 2008

Bidenian Trauma, Palinesque Insouciance

St. Louis, Missouri: October 3: We witness in this debate a thesis and anti-thesis. First an aura of gritty self-protection (Biden) and then an aura of glib attack (Palin); Biden withholding his rage with Brando-esque restraint against George W Bush, McCain's ignorance of Shiites and Sunnis and the horrific deaths of his wife and children in a car accident. In contrast, Palin resorts to Reaganesque carcaictures about evil foreigners, nuclear buttons and white flags of surrender, delivering these motifs in a flirtatious yet B-Movie flippancy. Thus again we see the duality of America: the Bidean traumas: Edward Hopper paintings, Arthur Miller's tragedies, Martin Scorcese films, the angry grimace of Sean Penn, The Betty Ford Clinic, and, on the other hand. the Palineqsue: escapist fantasies of Norman Rockwell, Broadway musicals, Steven Spielberg films, the confident grin of Tom Cruise's face, Disneyland.

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