jeudi 9 octobre 2008

Ayers & Mud: A McPalin Cosmogony

October 9, Milwaukee, Wisconsin:: As I follow Senator John McCain in/to the 'swing" state of "cheeseheads," the mot juste of the day is Ayers, Bill Ayers, former member of Students for a Democratic Society "radicals", accused of blowing up a statue in Washington DC in 1969, long since turned poverty advocate, and, crossing paths with Obama in local politics of 1990s Chicago as a public education fundraiser and community activist, but now a lethal catchphrase for the increasing kamikaze audience outbursts at McCain-Palin rallies, conjuring Barack Obama (" cf McCain's query, who is the real Obama?") as a "terrorist"-in-disguise (cf Osama's bombing of the Pentagon).
To explicate the semantic pressures of this verbal roadside bombing of Obama by McPalin, one need go no further than Uluru, qua Ayers Rock, that totemic feature of the Australian outback, linked to sacred Aboriginal creation myths involving mud ["Uluru (Ayers Rock) was built up during the creation period by two boys who played in the mud after rain. When they had finished their game they traveled south to Wiputa ..Fighting together, the two boys made their way to the table topped Mount Conner, on top of which their bodies are preserved as boulders"] which brings this cyclical Ayerian trope to its Hegelian ethnographic exhaustion as its aboriginal creative impetus (the mud making at Ayers Rock) inverted into its destructive antithesis (Ayers-as-sleeper-terrorist-cell co-member of/with Obama), McPalin slinging deadly mud (to blacken the face of) Obama.

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