lundi 20 octobre 2008

Palin 1: Fear of Alien Abduction

Roswell, New Mexico: October 20: I have returned to New Mexico from Nevada by bus, enjoying along the way rest-stop conversations still to be posted to this site. Here I chart Sarah Palin's rally in town, Roswell, made famous by its locals' abduction [enlèvement] by aliens in the 1947. A sea, or lake, of waving flags, met her, as if these witnesses to her landing wanted to make sure she understood that they could speak in non-verbal language. Like much here in the desert Southwest, the rally felt ephemeral, a sideshow, an off-road detour, as if, per a 1950s Martian film, Palin's mothership [ravitailleur] had touched down only temporarily, to make brief contact with swing state earthlings [terriens] before re-orbiting. I stood among young conservative blonde girls wearing tee shirts illustrated with vicious canines in lipstick underscored with bold lettering "Send the Pitbull in Lipstick to D.C." Abduction was on the minds of many, shadowed by a news story about a Mexican drug gang in Nevada who had recently abducted a child to extort money. The sole Frenchman as usual, I felt as if I were the late Francois Truffaut re-recruited for another cameo in a sequel to Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Like my former friend and French auteur, Truffaut, I tried to mitigate between the invading UFO-Martians (who were Cold War stand-ins for Communists) who have come to possibly "abduct" the free and the frightened American earthlings (those squinting fearful residents). Indeed one thinks of Palin as having been "abducted" from Alaska and brought to the "lower 48" states by the GOP. Unable to speak the aliens' tongue, Palin stammers, winks, emotes, gyrates, claps hands, nods, bobs her head,adorns her chest with symbolic pins, brooches and photo-buttons: Palin cannot understand the outer-space speech of foreign policy, the other-world semantics of the liberal media, the far far away galactic diction of economic policy makers. Thus Palin fears being, like those residents of Roswell, abducted by these aliens [and taken to Washington DC to live forever among them] and so Palin touches down here and channels the same fears of her earthling counterparts who, in 2008, fear abduction by Blue State Martians (Barack Hussein Obama, Muslims, Bill Ayers, democrat-socialists, liberal news journalists, the Indian and Chinese economic "engines," the United Nations, illegal Mexican "aliens" creeping northward just south of Roswell).

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