mercredi 21 mai 2008

Deux Americas: LL Bean vs. KFC

May 20: Eugene, Oregon LL Bean-Obama of the Woods
Signifies the soy-eating hiker, the woodworking shop-in-the-basement Mac owner; a he/she with a well worn copy of Wallace Stegner and The New Yorker. To this voter, Obama is the promise of the black-friend-one-always-claimed-but-never-actually-had, and of SUVs that run on vegetable oil, environmental policies that increase property value/s.

May 19: Louisville, Kentucky KFC-Eating Hillary at the Mall:
Signifies a fast-food-fat appetite for Dixie, a tee-shirt bulging, southern fried scorn of all things northernly and knowing, this despite (or to spite) the state's Civil War allegiance to the Union; a he or she with a well worn copy of Stephen King and Newsweek. To this voter, Hillary is the promise of a checkbook balancing leader-of-the-household, a stay at home (maison/blanche, white/house) mom who packs a .44.

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