jeudi 1 mai 2008

Notre Dame de Indiana

May 6: Reynolds, Indiana. One observes the anthromorphizing of Hillary with mild amusement at its synchronous sangfroid; that is to say, her CNN-heralded masculanization arrives , without coincidence, in the midst of the rhetorical lynching of Wright (the media-decapitation of the dangerous black phallus) with its concomitant muffling of Obama's virile "oui nous pouvons", suffused as his "skinny" body has been with the contortions [rhetorical handcuffs/bindings] of quasi-apology and recrimination while Billary's phallus extends (pun intended) into/through a public raping of others, cf the repeated (though fictional) "muzzling" of her husband Bill Clinton, the North Carolina governor's homophobic quip that she "makes Rocky Balboa seem like a pansy" (with its implicit castration of that pugilistic Philadelphian Pennsylavanian Yankee uder-Phallus) and her atomic bomb invocation of Harry Truman's mantra vis a vis Obama must sortir de la cuisine chaude (addressed to a feminized Obama) into the more recently proposed "obliteration" [s'effacer] of the entire nation of Iran, with its implied erotic humiliation of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Thus having become a military General Hillary 9/11 Clinton, she sublimates the fascist ethos of two gruesome American phalli (Giuliani and Cheney) into her own body, thus the American Rambo re-emerges as "electable" due to its disguise in floral colored ensemble and blonde coif (cf Margaret "H-Block" Thatcher).

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