mercredi 4 juin 2008

Le fantôme et l'ombre blanche: Obama's White Veep-Ghost

June 4: Los Angeles, California. Just as that white Catholic priest Father Plegers mocked Hillary in Obama's once and former "haunted" "black" Trinity church represented a Caucasian re-enactment of Reverend Wright (the white Catholic ghost of Wright) now the relation between black physicality and a white ghosting confronts [l'ombre blanche] the primary's final, literally, its first final, the non-beginning, which is this indeterminate white ending [a suspension of the black marks of Hegelian time] all wrought by Obama's being haunted by Hillary's white face: the once "ready on day one" commander-in-chief/guerrier courageux and would-be assassin of her rival ["we all remember Robert Kennedy was shot in June": her own sort of bitter-white clinging-to-guns] she takes up the mantle/role of the Al Gorean shocked-ghost ["18 million people voted for me!" "I won the popular vote!"] as a soon-to-be-or-I-better-be Vice-President who yet is also (paradoxically) the self-annointed primary winner [cf Terry Macullife bizarrely introducing Hillary in New York last night as "the Nominee of the Democratic party"]. ....thus Obama faces the prospect of this white-Hillary-haunting, a spectral I-am-not-making-any-decision-tonight-white-blonde tyranny, evoking the cake-white faces of the French aristocrats before the storming of the Bastille, the white power/powder like the red-faced white-coif rage of her husband Bill (as he calls a journalist a "scumbag!") OR the sinister white of John McCain's splotchy sun mottled white skin and pale comb-over (doo-wopping "Bomb Iran") OR Dick Cheney's crookedly smiling gray/pale visage ("I have Cheneys on both sides, and I wasn't born in West Virginia"): thus, like LBJ's hand on the Bible just after Dallas confirms, the Vice President's role is none other than a ghosting of the One who Sits in the Oval Office, in this case the specter arriving ahead of time to keep the primary suspended in an awful American present-ness that frustratingly seeks its insomniac relief through 24-hour/pundit shows (a cable TV version of a wake) with their spookily existential straining toward the afterlife (cf, their use of the banner headlines “What’s Next for Hillary?”). It is America that is ghosted by this “next.”

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