jeudi 1 mai 2008

Reverend Wright-Wrong: Bien et Mal

May 1: Miami, Florida
Now the grainy, amateur, hand-held Youtube video of Rev Wright (master of ceremony, in blousy white gown, oddly obverse of KKK grand wizard) takes its scary place alongside the Zapruder film and 9/11 plane video, an American nightmare-come-true, mise en abyme replayed as if to justify white paranoia, the pastor’s arm swinging, his hand bearing down on middle American living rooms (literally, as it is played over and over on CNN, Fox ,et al) into/onto the American dream (“God bless us”) to its penetration/repudiation [refuser d’honner] by Wright’s catastrophic gesticulation (single bullet/Kennedy, second plane/south tower, black hand/American dream) voiced into an explosive “Goddamned America!”, the Reverend now media-canonized among other manufactured (fabriquer) American Satans (Oswald, Osama, Obama), coupled with the unacceptable signification of a black preacher (Jesus/God-as-le nègre terrible). Thus, the homophonic Obama-Osama is actualized into a present terror, ironically, for even as the swiftboating of the “Islamic Barack” (boat, bark, disembark, dis-embarack) recedes, it is replaced by a definitive Christianization of Obama that is at once his condemnation, for he is now a black phallic father, leading to a media-evangelized retreat toward Hillary-as-Mother Mary/Catholic working class savior (“she might be more electable, come the fall”)

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