mardi 9 septembre 2008

Sarah's Spectacle(s)

In the aftermath of Palin's imperial ascendancy in the American Hyper-Eroticized Moment(um), we shall bypass the Alaskan governor's trumping of Hillary's sensible pantsuits via dominatrix-oriented pencil skirt/stilettos. We shall defer any discussion of her (family's) baby-bursting-Manifest Destiny-as-over-fertility ("go west, (white) man!"). We must (re)focus instead on a portion of Palin's accessorizing which has literally transfixed an American electorate no longer spellbound by Obama's waving arm and declamatory upraised index finger(ing)--- viz, Sarah's Palin's eyeglasses.
Those geometric, sleek, librarian/law-and-order spectacles render (have rendered, shall keep rendering) her as a mediated Medusa to flaccid male media pundits (press corps) and G.O.P-leaning "undecided voters" stirred toward an excitation that is fueled and confirmed by its own compulsive self-questioning (cf Chris Matthews, et al, crying out, "Why are we so obsessed with this Palin phenomenon?"). The Palin esthétique aux yeux is an overdue feminine counterpart to Cindy McCain's eyes with their brightly-light, tiny Barbie Doll inertia and Michelle Obama's alternatively happy/surprised and angry/defensive glances. (To say nothing of Joe Biden's tired, Botox-impaired eyelids, Obama's overwhelmingly self-possessed yet distant wide eyes and McCain's spooky hyper-blinking, hyper-winking and hyper-squinting.) So the world can only watch in horror as the United States of America is helplessly tantalized and subjugated by Palin's metaphysical binoculars: her eye/glasses. These awe-full spectacles conceal and reveal her rifle-toting, moose-slaughtering, Bible-thumping, sideline-shouting, Hummer-driving death-gaze: her specs both absorb (maternal brown pupils) and simultaneously deflect/refract (patriarchal squared-shaped lenses), thus her eyeglasses ontologically position Palin as both dominating subject (Palin-the-seer-who-sees-all) and dominating object (Palin who is seen-by-us-seeing-us) which, in turn, will maintain indecisiveness and thus suspend American democratic reason(ing) over the coming weeks (perhaps), just long enough for the hypnotized voter to enter that private and civic bedroom known as "the voting booth" ("close the curtain!") where, still narcotized by Palin's spectacles, she/he will pull the lever (mindlessly-yet-not-so) on behalf of (Mc)Palin's gaze.

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