vendredi 19 septembre 2008

Dollar-Apocalypse: Ben Franklin, Karl Marx, Nouriel Roubini

He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money. -Benjamin Franklin

Wall Street's stockholders and CEOs are rescued by their State. Chairman Mao is reinvented in the Calvinist (and Michel Foucault-look-alike) Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and the "general election" finds its candidates McCain and Obama without speech [rester muet], muted, out-of-language, eclipsed by that entity named on TV "a real issue that Americans care about" (with its implicit acknowledgment that the election revolves around simulacra, viz, the week's 'real issue that Americans care about' the exception to standard faux-issues-that-Americans do-not-care-about, ie, lipstick, pig, moose, kindergarten sex ed, etc).

I observe how the paranoiac American/Puritan mentality about the coming Apocalypse meets its maker in the "shocking" failure of the (post-God-is-dead, post-Berlin-Wall) new God and His Edenic perfection named "free markets around the world."

One must heed [faire attention] my European confrère Dr. Nouriel Roubini whose Jewish-Iranian-Turkish-Italian pedigree singles him out as an eloquent, polyglot Atheist which also earned him (until this week) the derisive nickname [nom de rue] "Doctor Doom" among blind, earnest Anglo-American "Believers" who even this week still seek The Second Coming of Christ (Henry Paulson, Harry Reid, W. Bush, the "dedication of the American worker"). Roubini's prophetic specificity, his naming of the abyss-as-abyss is a marked contrast to the CNBC/Anglo-American/Wall Street Believers' with their religious, mystical rhetoric of entering "uncharted territory" and "a confusing, dangerous time" (ie, Rapture, End Times)

Democracy is a form of government that cannot long survive, for as soon as the people learn that they have a voice in the fiscal policies of the government, they will move to vote for themselves all the money in the treasury, and bankrupt the nation.-Karl Marx

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