samedi 27 septembre 2008


Oxford, Mississippi: September 27: To not look [détourner d'Obama] is to try [faire une expérience] a denial [rejeter] of the presence of truly [empirique] present-other (candidate), suggesting, as the cringing [s'irriter de Obama] body of McCain did here more than once during the non-debate [vide de sens] in Mississippi, that McCain attempts to un-name [effacer] Obama from this page of history against a recognition [une conscience] which his very aversion underscores much like the post-Jim Crow South, no longer able to deny via law denies with eyes cast away. So even the atheist, in his aversion to God's presence in that very denial [renier] voices his latent fantasy that a transcendent God lurks [persister]. Alas, we might conclude from this syllogism (in the land o' grits and Southern secession) that McCain's averted eyes [like the South's denial of the Union] as his body tenses and shudders [Mississippi burning] registers in that disdain [avec dédain] the awe-full [accablant] black transcendent presence he dares not face at the other podium, qua, Barack Hussein Obama.

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