lundi 25 août 2008

Les Bras de John McCain

August 25: Denver, CO. Not to be confused with his quasi-homophonous "McDonald" (which does [faire] the "quaint" American body: cf "Old McDonald had a farm"), McCain's body, his corpus, represents the post-1960s American leadership/junta/body politik itself: The genealogy of McCain's damaged flesh mirrors in an Escher-like pattern the violation of other bodies by America itself: hence the "Skyhawk" fighter pilot obliterating innocent Asian villagers from above the earth is transformed by his Icarus-like fall/baptism into Truc Bach Lake and subsequent five-year bondage.McCain achieves a post-Ovid, postmodern metamorphosis, from bomb-dropping killer into a Jesus Christ-like martyr with arms hyperextended on the walls of Vietcong prison cells; there McCain's body is literally suspended in the vacuum of non-history (1968-1973), during, the high water mark-period of Passion-like assassinations and/or public deaths of Christ-figures of the American Left and counter-culture: RFK, MLK, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, George Jackson, et al. The Vietcong-torturers shredding [détruire] of the New Testament/Geneva Convention Law (of mercy) makes of warrior-McCain a tormented [martyriser]and ridiculed [se rendre ridicule] forced-disavowing-POW/Christ (the very Law decades later shredded by the McCain-supported Bush Administration which turned unlawfully confined Muslim prisoners into arms-extended-Christ-figures). Thus, the body of McCain is (like the schizoid self-image of the United States itself) both a perpetual violator of the New Testament/Geneva Convention and a helplessly tortured "victim" of "terrorist" "evildoers" who operate outside the very "respect for law" which Gitmo's torture chambers refute. So as the campaign for Commander-in-Chief unfolds America reads into/from McCain's severely disabled arms and his bulky, awkward debilitations the "redemptive" survival/slow/crippling of post-Watergate US militarism itself ["Bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran!"]: McCain's war-induced disabilities not so much earned by a barbaric foreign policy but a physical calling forth (habeas corpus) an actual fleshly incarnation of that very tortured and torturing foreign policy in the guise of its perpetrator-victim (war/hero).
Not completely able to salute nor to wave at his audience or properly hug other bodies, McCain and his arms subtly signify a cross born(e), a Southeast Asian Golgotha endured; thus, in an irony too vicious to contemplate, this Caesar-Pontius Pilate-Pentagonian Warrior is instead looked upon (and so disguised) by his post-1960s-American "swing-state" voyeurs ("we honor Senator McCain's service to our country") as a secularized post-Crucifixion-Christ-with-injured-body returned to earth (read "earth" as "US/New Jerusalem"). The embittered, fallen POW messiah who (for armchair warriors across America) will undo (at the final hour) Obama's own "barbaric" (actually Christian) mission of negotiating "peace" with purported "enemies"(ie, "sitting down unconditionally with Ahmadinejad").

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