dimanche 31 août 2008

Eight is Enough: Obama is Dick Van Patten

August 31: Denver, CO Barack Obama's absent Father and even-more-absent Mother were everywhere present during his acceptance speech, conjured movingly when Obama summoned the visage of that uber-father, Dick Van Patten, père of "Eight is Enough": eight years of George W Bush (W. himself attempting without success to slay his own Oedipal ghost, George Bush Senior); Obama's "eight (years) is enough" calling to that phallocentric beloved American TV show. This "eight is enough" mantra casts him as America's Dick Van Patten (complete with Van Patten's maternal permissiveness but minus Van Patten's Caucasian comb over/suburban paunch). Obama at Mile High Stadium oversaw a motherless American family/electorate that, in the incompetence of Bush/Cheney, has even been abandoned by a protective Father (9/11, Katrina, Iraq quagmire, housing collapse, etc).

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