vendredi 15 août 2008

H[e]gel Candidacy?

August 15: Nice, FR. My most esteemed colleague, know to his peers as "N-S", Professeur des universités, Litterature Francaise et Américaine Moderne et Contemporaine of Q.C., in a un coup de marteau delivered with an eye on German and French homophonies, writes from Marseilles, an astute exegesis of the nom d'H[e/a]gel, summoning up a pre-Marxian historicity in the face of a potential Hagelian (nominative) regression, which I here quote in full:

The allusion to Derridean différance in the substitution of the 'e' for the 'a' that nonetheless remains invisible in speech, as opposed to the incorporation of the Lacanian petit objet a in the defacing of name. Obviously this points to the aufhebung that is the very heart of the Obamian candidacy, and that is incarnate in a republican on the ticket. In choosing Hegel/Hagel, then, the whole gauche/droite is put into question, much more than it could have ever been if he had chosen, say, Bob Heidagger; or Ed Nietzscha.

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