lundi 21 janvier 2008

The Sacred Puritan: Hillary's Tears of Eros

January 12, Portsmouth, New Hampshire Ostensibly shedding sacrificial tears on behalf of her supporters, Hillary's sacred tears this week revive the cruel profanation of the Lewinsky affair, wherein, ten years later, she is here re-staged as a victimized lover–– as Hillary's welling up during a Q&A re-minds her voyeuristic panoptic "followers" of her status as the jilted, cuckolded wife (and now, post-Iowa, the jilted, cuckolded Democratic candidate) which is to say, that the Bill Clintonian seduction and "staining" of Monica is now re-placed by Obama's (libidinal "yes we can!") seductions, his Iowan "staining" of Hillary's otherwise "clear" (predestined/predestination) path to the White House: Barack's Midwestern orgy, his Bacchanial caucus-conquest over the "hearts" of Iowans, his virile orality made his American auditors "weak at the knees" and trumped Hillary's Calvinistic anal-posture of do-goodiness, underscored by her hamp-shiring, qua, her sobs in a New England (public-puritan) "kitchen" , qua the Cafe Espresso of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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