jeudi 3 janvier 2008

Corn and Obama's Slender Margin

January 3, 2008, Nevada, Iowa: Working toward a primary victory that requires his body be immersed in that primal North American plant long since loosened onto the United States in a post Colombian, post Native American fury (cf Pollan's exposé An Omnivores Dilemma). Seeking a path to his nomination, his Naming, here in Iowan fields, Barack Obama stands in the field on behalf of Big Corn, Zea mays, maize, ethanol, the phallic husk: that ubiquitous seed/ingredient that underwrites the poisonous "variety" of American super-markets: fast food, freedom, shelf-life, high fructose corn syrup, fat. Hence Obama's obvious leanness stands as a paradoxical contrast to the heavy-set dietary corn-fed American excess of his would-be voters and the diabetic, high blood pressure national obesity generated largely by the very corn products that will help this rain-thin Obama win Iowa voters by a "slender" margin.

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