samedi 1 mars 2008


March 1, Dallas, Texas The Alamo metaphor is not merely a fleeting sign, for here in Hilary's "camp" she now enters a re-originating narrative of a (new) Texas primary-battle-campaign. This preordained CNN-scripted Hillarean reenactment of Custer's last stand [siège final], shows that she, as Custer did, does, enacts (en avant d'histoire), an apocalyptic staging of empowered victum-hood into which the aspiring republic of Texas and Texan Latinos (a la Custer) have been inscribed, that is to say, recruited, armed, alerted ["who will answer the 3am phone?"], against an encroaching insurgent illegal immigrant surge from the south, porous borders, invaders, defined by the momentum of the colored Other (the Spanish Mexican empire/army=Obama as-Kenyan warlord leading caucus-goers)

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