mardi 4 novembre 2008

Sioux Falls: Indécis

Sioux Falls: South Dakota: November 4 One final stop(over) on this trip of dis(persal) into the single entity of fifty (united<>states) brings me to a pre-dawn hike in Sioux Falls Park, where stopping under a tree, I sat and contemplated the weight of The Decision facing America this morning. And yet there are these alleged "Undecideds. But what is it to be "Undecided," that impossible/paradox? For to be Undecided is to have already participated in the looming Choice, to have stepped into/across the threshold of thought and the immanence of one's cognitive force to/against options made available. The identification of one as Undecided signals an awareness that a Decision must be made, to recognize one(self) as standing before [avant] moving toward [s'avancer vers], being within [dedans], and party to a Deciding [être complice d'un choix]. One's frame of reference cannot be outside the options --the deciding--once one recognizes them/it as such. Indeed to be Undecided is to be, perhaps more involved in Choice than one who has already Decided, for being Undecided suspends and valorizes the moment of Decision: it is a fixation and a regression to a time that does not truly yield, demanding to remain in Choice when Choice is only a fleeting instance of yes/no, so on it goes, even this morning, perhaps, a straining toward ex-temporal being (an Imaginary past of No Choice undone by the pressure of the Present demand to make a choice) and which (when the time of deciding has come and gone) renders one banished from oneself, ahistorical, out of the place of Indecision which constituted oneself, like the citizen exile who returns "home" after war to a country renamed in his absence: his time is past without his knowing: in the country of the Decided his passport no longer (under)signs his (Undecided) being.

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